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1st & 3rd Tuesday's Monthly @ 6:30 p.m.
Watrous United Church
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(306) 946-3029
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The Watrous Rotary Club was granted a charter by Rotary International in 1939 and the club has been on a mission to improve the community and the lives of others both at home and abroad.  Current president Al Mosewich said Rotary has grown into one of the most diverse and powerful service clubs in the world. “We are proud to have been a part of the success and are looking forward to what we can accomplish in the years ahead,” said Mosewich.
Frank Wilson did not know much about Rotary until he got an invitation to a meeting in the 1980s. Since that time, Wilson has been learning more about Rotary and its operations. Once a member, Wilson became interested in the Youth Exchange Program. “As I learned more about this program, and also the Group Study Exchanges, which brings people from many different countries to our doorstep, I came to believe that these two initiatives are two of the best things Rotary International does,” Wilson said.  “These exchanges have brought a number of youth and interesting groups to Watrous over the years and I am happy to say that our club has been an exceptional host in accommodating them.” Wilson, who has personally hosted a number of exchange people said both parties learned a lot from each other during the opportunity. “In addition to the exchange programs, I can take some pride in the fact that locally our club has shown generosity to a large number of projects, individuals and organizations which have come to us for financial assistance or to provide manpower on certain occasions. We do not hand out huge amounts of money but do provide enough assistance, financially and otherwise, to help things get done.” In recent times, a few Rotary projects stand out for Wilson: the Rotary Walking Trail, paved north of eighth avenue on Main Street and the trail’s gazebo. “Many residents will also remember the RCMP Musical Ride coming to Watrous a number of years ago. This was a very successful Rotary fundraising project, which enabled Watrous Rotary Club in partnership with the Watrous Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion to complete Watrous Memorial Park and the Cenotaph. As always, I am among many Rotarians that enjoy our mutual fellowship as we meet, greet and share a meal once every week.”
The motto of Rotary is ‘service above self,’ and for Jim Coulter, it provides the vehicle in which people can serve. “Whether it be local assistance for magazine subscriptions for the library or a global project to eradicate polio internationally, Rotary is the means to a better world. An individual, in league with fellow Rotarians, can make a difference. In the process, we benefit by the camaraderie of other Rotarians. We laugh, we belong, (and) we do make a difference.”

Arlene Gegner joined Rotary after being intrigued by the values while being a volunteer. Gegner said not only does Rotary support the local community but many things globally. While it used to be just for men with women being just guests, times have changed. “This organization teaches you to reach out and lend a hand. Watrous Rotary has many great members and I would encourage anyone to join (including) ladies.”

Ralph Schalm has also been involved with the local Rotary Club and was a past president. “When people find out that you are a Rotarian, it is surprising how many of them know something about what Rotary does, whether through a local community endeavour or an overseas project such as Polio Plus.” Schalm said it is nice to be able to sit down with members and enjoy their company. “It is a club that makes me feel welcome and I would encourage people to become a Rotary member. It is a good feeling to be able to do good whether it is helping out in the local community or raising funds for an overseas project that will benefit people and ultimately make their lives better. It is also an ideal way to meet people in your community, especially if you are new to the area.”

Deborah Farago was invited to a supper meeting four years ago by Gegner. “What I experienced was the joy of doing good work with very good people.”  Farago said she has made wonderful friends, learned amazing things and feels the success of Rotary projects is having an element of fun, fellowship and food.  “I have experienced the joy of being a small part of international projects such as ripple effect and the end polio campaign. I have also had the privilege of meeting wonderful young people from around the world.”

After moving to Watrous, Ron Morningstar attended a supper meeting with Rotary and soon joined the club. “I find the projects and activities to be very worthwhile. Rotary clubs operate in a very ethical manner and members are dedicated to the four way test: Is it the truth? Is it fair to all concerned? Will it build goodwill and better friendships? And will it be beneficial to all concerned?”  Morningstar said Rotary clubs work together to make the world a better place to live in. “Rotary members share personal support for one another and offer a strong sense of camaraderie.”

Murray Westby was in Kinsmen for nearly 20 years, learning the value and satisfaction of volunteering. With an age limit at the time, Westby left Kinsmen and joined Rotary with encouragement from his business partner Gordon Findlay. With various positions over the years including president from 1998-2000, Westby said, “Being a Rotary member gives you the opportunity to contribute your time and effort for the benefit of mankind, at the community, district and international levels. We have provided many local services over the years, but have also participated in many worldwide causes like polio eradication, the shelter box program and student exchanges. Working together with others, for those worthy causes, provided an opportunity for fellowship and camaraderie under the international umbrella of Rotary.”

Home Page News
Watrous Rotary - 2016 Masters Golf Pool Results
Ranking          Participant                 Won                Total Purse of Golfers Chosen
1.                     Ernie Kochelyma       $ 1,000.00      $ 3,835,333
2.                     Shaunna Farago        $ 500.00         $ 3,731,000
3.                     Brenda Scott              $ 150.00         $ 3,680,467
4.                     Trent Hargrave         $ 50.00           $ 3,657,333
5.                     David Scott                 $ 50.00           $ 3,519,967
6.                     Angela Silzer              $ 50.00           $ 3,504,583
7.                     Terry Thompson       $ 50.00           $ 3,487,467
8.                     John Koupantsis        $ 50.00           $ 3,418,467
9.                     Ruby Hannigan         $ 50.00           $ 3,360,000
10.                   Chad Wasylyniuk      $ 50.00           $ 3,212,000
11.                   Ellen Dengler             $ 50.00           $ 3,211,250
12.                   Anthony Allen            $ 50.00           $ 3,078,467              
Christmas at the PepperTree Family Restaurant
March 2017